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Giveaway Plants Research Pro Free download

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Plants Research app is intended to be a portable and highly organized library of knowledge about plants and their beneficial and medicinal properties. This library of knowledge is fully integrated into our powerful recipe builder, which allows users to create novel and exciting health formulations, or to use the recipes that we provide. Our scientists scour hundreds of journals in search of published scientific articles on plants, which we then review. While a few services exist that cater to this purpose, we believe that they are all inadequate, and here is why.

Scientific research, and especially the research on plants that may be directly useful or relevant to the general public, is firstly reported in the scientific journals, in conference proceedings or to a very limited audience. These first reports are usually about a dozen of pages long, contain highly technical language, and are usually hard to find. This problem is partly alleviated by the mainstream and popular media who then produce a secondary kind of report - a highly translated version of the research that contains no technical language, but usually still stretches to a few pages in length. A side-problem to this lengthy articulation is that such reports are spread over a vast area of the internet, are difficult to keep track of, and usually get lost with time, leaving only a small percentage of the public who may still remember what they've read a few months down the track. Plants Research app was designed to solve those problems.

First, we search for the articles that we think should be useful to the general public (whether that be for medicinal or other purposes) and we write small reviews that provide some guidance about the findings. Second, we keep the length of the articles as short as possible, so that a person can obtain the key pieces of information with as little effort as possible. Third, we keep everything in the one place - in the database in our app, and we allow the users to create highly organized structures, recipes, and lists of articles in such a way that very useful information can be obtained very quickly. Fourth, we use both the technical language and the plain language, so that the app is suitable both for the expert, and for the general public. And fifth, we don't rely on the constant Internet access to provide content, which means that our app is useful to the outdoors people, campers and off-grid enthusiasts alike. All updated information is sent via updates through Google Play, which means that when the app is updated, everything that you need is in your device! With that said, we also offer some Internet-helper features, such as quick access to the original article or quick Google searches of many fields in the app.

On top of that, we are also selective about the research that we follow. We try to pick articles that may be of some direct practical use whenever possible. To that end, we look at the research that investigates natural antimicrobials, such as antibacterials, antivirals, antifungals and so on; we look at plants that may help to detox the body of heavy metals; we look at plants that may be useful in aquaculture, farming, horticulture, cooking, food preservation and so on; we look at plants that may offer athletic performance enhancement, exercise support or muscle recovery activity; and lastly, we look at any articles in general, from any other field, that may be of interest. For example, we follow the research that seeks to find the best plant extracts for the construction of novel dye-sensitized solar cells. In this sense, our app is like a constantly-expanding textbook of knowledge, and everything is easily accessible.

Overall, this app should be useful to anyone who loves plants. This would include naturalists, survivalists, health buffs, body builders, athletes, outdoors people, off-grid enthusiasts, cooks, chefs, agriculturalists, farmers, plant scientists, and many other groups. Enjoy!


Free download Plants Research Pro

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