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Giveaway Jack the Miner Robot Gem Mining Game Free download

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Experience a beautiful HD mining game while diving into the depths of an unknown alien planet with Jack the Miner. Use Jack to mine gold, gems, diamonds and up to 15 other precious resources. Sell your cargo and use your profit to upgrade your robot’s fuel tank, cargo case, drill, engine, chassis and cooler. The farther you drill, the tougher it gets. From radioactive minerals that consume your health to impenetrable rocks that make you waste precious gas, dangers are everywhere.

The main goal in Jack the Miner is to get the higher possible score while completing over 50 different missions that give you cash bonuses. Enjoy a thrilling mining game with Jack the Miner and compete with other worldwide users to climb up the leaderboards

Main features:

✔ Addictive mining game. Use your mining robot to drill deep into the core of the alien planet. The deeper you drill, the more precious gems you discover. Fill your cargo case and go back to the surface to sell those. Carefully calculate your remaining gas to avoid losing your precious cargo. Mine for gold, sapphires, rubies, diamonds, plutonium and dozens others. Watch out for rocks that can damage your robot and focus on one thing: JUST KEEP MINING.

✔ Upgrade your mining robot. Sell your mined gems for profit and use that cash in the Station Bay to improve your robot. You’ll be able to drill through tougher rocks, mine longer with a larger gas tank, advance faster with a better engine, carry more minerals with a bigger cargo tank and survive extreme conditions with a better hull. Over 34 different upgrades for Jack. The more powerful your robot gets, the deeper you can drill & find even more exotic items.

✔ Rewarding missions. Complete missions to get cash rewards and thus better upgrades for your mining robot. There are more than 75 missions to complete, from collecting your first rare gems to reaching unimaginable depths. Rewards are granted instantly as soon as a new milestone is reached. Try to mine everything to also discover bonuses and lost artifacts that give huge cash rewards.

✔ Collect power-ups. As you mine you’ll discover fuel packs that instantly top up your gas tank and help you mine longer. You can also buy power-ups from the Resource shop at the surface to help you repair your robot, fill your tank and even destroy a smaller or larger rock area. You’ll be able to purchase travel beacons that teleport your robot to the surface and thus avoid wasting gas or time.

✔ Immersive HD graphics. With Jack the Miner you immerse yourself in a carefully crafted mining world with beautiful HD graphics. Each game element is uniquely created, from all the different types of ores to various rock items or Jack himself that changes his looks with every upgrade.

✔ Discover the alien world. The mining world is so vast it’s easy to get lost solely based on the mining depth. Luckily you have a map of the depths that your robot dug through to help you explore every inch of this unexplored alien planet. Leave no rock untouched to discover its mysteries and maybe reach the Motherload.

Will you be able to guide your robot through this mining game to discover all those precious ores? Or will you succumb in the vastness depth of the alien planet? Worry not, as Jack the Miner is immortal and even when its gas ends or hull is breached you can start over from the surface with an empty cargo.

Jack the Miner is one of the most thorough miner games and it will hook you for hours, especially if you love classic gem mining games such as the Motherload. Install it to experience an excellent mining experience.

We’d love it if you could leave your feedback to on how we can improve Jack the Miner to suit even the most exigent players of gem & gold mining games.

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Free download Jack the Miner: Robot Gem Mining Game

Ninja Giveaway today giveaway Jack the Miner: Robot Gem Mining Game for free download.
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