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Giveaway Mydolist Daily Checklist Pro Free download

Rating: 3/5

Mydolist is a simple & quick checklist maker for planning your daily tasks. Your task list will be organized in a simple manner! No more complicated details or clunky interfaces!

It has right number of features for you to remember & keep track of your tasks. This checklist is quick and you can tweak or expand the lists as per your need. No extra details are asked to fill. Just point to point task enlisting.

We are to do list online app, but as one of the best checklist apps, we care about your time!
Thus, we guarantee that we’ve created the app to be as simple as possible with minimalist but essential features!

No time consuming in making the checklist. Since, we value your time, we have taken care to keep the features minimum & optimum required. So, that it reminds you the task & you spend more time in doing the task rather than making the list or in planning. You will adore this checklist app!

In this checklist or to do list app we got rid of some really frustrating moments the apps for productivity are facing! We require no users, no setup of accounts and no internet. All you need is the Quicklist app and your phone.

-Making the checklist.
-Adding and deleting items
-Scheduling them by reminders
-Space for making task detail notes
-Home screen widget

- No frills.
- No confusing details.
- Does not require any permission.
- Does not require an account
- All data is stored in your mobile
- Your data is completely safe with you.
- No internet connection required.
- Soothing reminder alarms.

Your beautifully simple to do list and checklist app built to keep up with the pace of modern life. Whether you need to collaborate with your team, keep track of your most important projects, or just remember to pay the rent, QuickList is there to help you plan and complete your tasks, every day.

Light, beautiful and battery friendly checklist!

This simple and green app will help you manage the goals you want to set for yourself everyday and even goals for your life.

Planning & organizing is the key to all foundational success.

Act towards your life and your goals. Plan and keep in track with them through checklist app.


Free download Mydolist: Daily Checklist Pro

Ninja Giveaway today giveaway Mydolist: Daily Checklist Pro for free download.
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