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Giveaway Mosaic Cyan EMUI Theme Free download

Rating: 4.4/5

Unique and exclusive dark theme for EMUI 5/8/9 users. Pure and elegant design, completely black with contrasting cyan.


Totally black.
Exclusive look.
Unique pure and stylish design.
Contrasting cyan graphical elements.
New icon pack (more then 500 icons most used apps).

Now the theme is FREE !!!


Theme manager
Phone manager
Update manager
System UI
FM radio
Huawei ID
App Gallery
...and almost all system apps


Restart your phone after installing the theme to take changes.
Please report any bugs you have seen via email: or just leave a comment at Google Playstore.


This theme is designed for Huawei/Honor devices running EMUI 5/8/9. Please check your EMUI version before install it in your device. Compatibility with different version of EMUI is not guaranteed!

Some graphics do not change on devices with EMUI 8.1/9.0 and devices with new firmware of EMUI 8.0/8.0.1 (status bar icons, navigation panel icons, setup icons, switches, etc.). This is not a problem with theme but restriction of Huawei!

If you have white bars in Huawei Message and Huawei File Manager apps on EMUI 9.0 devices, go to Settings - Smart assistance - Accessibility and disable item Advanced visual effect. Reboot device to take effect.

Theme doesn't work on devices with EMUI 9.1 system!!!


Thank to all people who supporting me, reporting bugs and helping make my themes better. I really appreciate it.




Free download Mosaic Cyan EMUI 5/8/9 Theme

Ninja Giveaway today giveaway Mosaic Cyan EMUI 5/8/9 Theme for free download.
This Giveaway is limited time to download and install it.

Mosaic Cyan EMUI 5/8/9 Theme may be only available to FREE download on 02 Jul 2019. Next day, we will offer The new Giveaway. Check it!

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